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Neem Tree: Azadirachta Indica A.JUSS
Neem ?

So many of us came to know reg. this wonderful word only in this last 10 yrs., right ?

The word " NEEM " is now so fast spreading that eventually NEEM shall be as synonymous as Alternative Medicine, thanks to Indians who passed the knowledge reg. its utilisation from generations to generations. Foreigners too learnt about this miraculous plant and carried seeds with them to grow in their respective countries. Indians settled abroad too followed the suit and soon NEEM started growing in many Countries.

However the quality of NEEM Seeds & their components inside has always remained an mystery. No single plant can yield same type of Seeds yielding same quality of NEEM OIL !

Recently Westerners have shown considerable interest in this wonderful tree ( Properties are in this website )and they have started importing NEEM PRODUCTS ( many listed on this website ) , with many of them sourcing from their established contacts and others venture to find new contacts or NEEM SPECIALISTS such as us.

It is really sad to see that Suppliers do not educate the Importer perfectly reg. what NEEM is, what are the various uses, in what various forms can be NEEM be used for etc..

No doubt some Cos. ( sorry..we cannot name them ) who have imported NEEM from India ( not from us ) and have their websites define NEEM as : NAME FOR EXTRACT OF BARK OF AN INDIAN TREE !! HOW RIDICULOUS !! Even when Mr Mehta, our Managing Partner told them reg. the improper defination, they have not heeded, thereby confusing others on the Net.

Its our plea to one & all who are associated with NEEM, pls. treat this Tree as its name :
AZADIRACHTA INDICA A JUSS ( FREE TREE OF INDIA ). No, we do not mean that you give away everything Free, but at least you treat the knowledge seeker or importer in a proper way and impart whatever possible to your Company's or individual capacity.