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Welcome to Neemuses.com
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We have achieved a lot and are still working towards more and more achievements in field of NEEM TREE.
  1. We offer the Highest Range of Neem Materials worldwide.

  2. We offer Highest amount of Natural Azadirachtin in Neem Oil > 2000 ppm round the year in commercial quantities.

  3. We offer Highest range of Azadirachtin Technical 7 % - 96 %

  4. We offer the Highest range of Fortified Azadirachtin 300ppm - 65000 ppm.

  5. We offer the highest range of Neem Tree Oils. Presently 7 Varieties.

  6. We offer Lowest ( 100 ml ) and highest quantity of Neem Materials ( Container loads ) round the year.