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Neem Oil, Neem Leaf Powder, Neem Seed & Leaf Extracts, Azadirachtin based Formulations ( 300 ppm to 50000 ppm ), Azadirachtin Technical powder ( 10 - 41.77 %) Neem Cake pellets & Flakes, Neem Urea Guard , etc.. as INPUTS to ORGANIC / NATURAL FARMING
Neem Kernal Pellets


It finds use as an ultimate organic plant food. Apart from their contribution to N P K they have a number of benefits, which none of the synthetic fertilisers or pesticides can offer. They bring in the wonderful molecules that nature has designed to help the plants flourish natural.

They provide slow and steady nourishment, stimulation, protection from soil nematodes and insects, improve yields,and quality of product like taste, flavour amino acid composition etc.

We have presently 2 types of Neem Kernel Pellets based on the origin of the Neem Fruits.


...Min / Max.

N 3.5% / 7.5%
Mg 0.3% / 0.7%
P 0.6% / 2.0%
Ca 0.8% / 1.4%
K 1.5% / 1.9%
S 0.6% / 2.0%

Fe 1445 mg/kg
Cu 13.2mg/kg
Zn 49.3 mg/kg
Na 284mg/kg

Since this manure is 100% organic the analysis may vary, but the above min. is guaranteed

2. A Typical analysis of the second variety of Neem Kernel Pellets
N 1.72
P 0.21
K 1.14
Mg 0.364
S 0.19

Cu 33.6 mg / Kg
Zn 32.5 mg / Kg
Mn 280 mg / Kg
Fe 16000 mg / Kg
H2O 6.9 %

B less than 0.3 mg / Kg
Hg 0.03 mg / Kg
Pb 5.05 mg / Kg
Aflatoxins less than 2 ug/Kg
Coliformis less than 3 per g
E.Coli less than 3 per g
Yeast less than 100 per g
Moulds less than 100 per g

Loss on Ignition 68.5 %
Ash content 31.5 %
Acid soluble ash 8.7 %
Bulk density 0.7 Kg/L
Oil Content 8.3 %

It is recommended for all crops like vegetables, Fruit crops, Tubers, other broad acre crops such as Sugarcane, Cotton, Rice, Banana and plantation crops like Cardamom, Coffee, Tea etc.


Broad acre crops: 80-120 kgs/acre will stimulate plant growth by regulating the physical properties of the soil.

Established Plants: 50-80 grams per sq.metre lightly raked under the area covered by plant canopy.

Vegetable and Flower Gardens: 30-50 grams per sq.metre to mix thoroughly in soil.