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Neem Pesticides are of various types depending on Permutations & Combinations of :

1. Type of Base: Types of Neem Oils / Types of Solvents
2. Various Strengths of Azadirachtin Technical used.
3. Various types of Emulsifiers
4. Various types of Stabiliers
5. Various types of Wetting Agents

Hence one finds so many different brands, different strenghrs , diff. compostions and diff. prices.

Naturally, one gets confused and want to be doubly /triply be sure before spending his hard earned dollars to buy the specific Neem Pesticide / Insecticide.

It becomes the role of the Manufacturer then to see that he gives exact information reg. the various above material used in preparations of the Neem Insecticide / Pesticide his/her Company promotes.

It is a surprising to see that so many end users from various parts of the World approach us to get details reg. the above , where few data are not revealed deliberately so that the customer once getting good result does not approach any of the other competitors asking same specs.

We would say that infact that makes him more bent on finding an alternative. No doubt so many of them approach us for Solutions.

Neem Oil based Pesticides are more common and promoted then Solvent based.

Listed below are the ones normally registered with various Agencies:

1. Azadirachtin 300 ppm ( 0.03 % EC )
2. Azadirachtin 1500 ppm ( 0.15 % EC )
3. Azadirachtin 3000 ppm ( 0.3 % EC )
4. Azadirachtin 5000 ppm ( 0.5 % EC )
5. Azadirachtin 10000 ppm ( 1.0 % EC )
6. Azadirachtin 20000 ppm ( 2.0 % EC )
7. Azadirachtin 30000 ppm ( 3.0 % EC )
8. Azadirachtin 50000 ppm ( 5.0 % EC )
9. Azadirachtin 65000 ppm ( 6.5 % EC )

A Good Neem Pesticide shall be packed in Sealed Container with Labels mentioning complete Product details with composition %, safety features and necessary instructions on How to use, store, etc.. and shall follow the regulations of the Country in which it is Imported.

A Customer Service Contact No. should be Mandatory.